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Join us, our "Soba" class! ~Begin by planting seeds, raise, harvest and make Soba noodles~

Do you enjoy Soba? Buckwheat is what it's called in English. Soba contains many beneficial nutrients, including vitamin B1 and B2, rutin, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It is also low in calories and high in protein. Yes, Soba is a healthy food!

We are excited to announce the launch of "Soba class" for soba fans! You can fully enjoy Soba! Because we begin by planting Soba seeds, then raise them, harvest them, thresh out, grind with a millstone, make Soba noodles and eat it!

The class complete four times.

Participants will learn soba trivia, taste soba dishes such as soba tofu, admire soba flowers, and learn how to make soba noodles.

The soba instructor will be the owner of Kouji-an, a hidden soba restaurant serving soba kaiseki dishes. Please join us for a Soba course where we will passionately discuss Soba!

The agenda

◆The first session Date and time:19th July 2023 from10:00am to12:00pm. Work: Plant soba seeds. Learn: The process of Soba raising. Tasting: Soba tofu and brown sugar syrup on top and Soba sticks. ◆The second session Date and time: 23rd August from10:00am to 12:00pm. Work: Soba dumpling and Soba flower viewing. Learn: Study about Soba culture among the world including Japan. Tasting: Sakura mochi from Soba. ◆The third session Date and time: 4th October from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Work: Harvest. Learn: The nutrition science of Soba. Tasting: Kenchin soup of Soba seeds. ◆The last session Date and time: 8th November 2023 from 10:00am to 13:00pm Work: Thresh out, grind with a millstone and make Soba Tasting: Eat Soba that you just made! Note: The forth session is schedule to finish at 13:00pm. Location "Kurari" in Farm in Sagiyama 1056-3 Terayama, Midori-ku, Saitama city, Saitama Car parks are available. Contact us in advance. Tuition fee ¥15,000円 for four classes. Note: No refunds will be made for any missed sessions.

Things to bring Groves, work clothes, apron (when we cook.) The comment from the maestro I make my own buckwheat noodles,so I may not be able to make beautiful buckwheat noodles, but I can make delicious buckwheat noodles. Let's enjoy soba! Booking Please submit your application from JalanNo refunds will be made for any missed sessions.


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